South Korean Thrill-Master Na Hong-Jin’s New Movie to be Released

The Wailing
The Wailing

The Wailing (곡성, Goksung), is to be released tomorrow through CGV LA.

After the film premier in Korea on May 11, The Wailing received many favorable critical reactions, including that from Cannes. In the Cannes Review, The Wailing was praised as “one of the best films to emerge from Korea in recent years.”

Na Hong-Jin’s acclaimed genre films include The Chaser (2008) and The Yellow Sea (2010), both of which also got their start in Cannes. Through The Wailing, the director solidifies his position as the thrill-master in Korea.

The film is set in a small rural village in the area of Goksung – the local title of film that also means ‘wailing’ in Korean. Unusual deaths followed by red boils and aggressive behaviors continuously occur in this village, and the film follows the attempts to uncover the cause of the disease.

In Los Angeles, CGV located in Madang Mall will be the first to screen The Wailing, starting on May 19th. For more information about its showtime, visit


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