Sooyoung Talks About Her New Drama in an Interview with Grazia

Soo young ; Photography Courtesy of Grazia

A member of Girls’ Generation, Soo young, expressed her thoughts about her role in upcoming TV drama, 38 Police Squad.

Sooyoung will be featured on the cover of June issue of Grazia, a Korean fashion magazine. She is to show off her upgraded beauty in the shot taken in Milan, Italy.

In the interview, she explained about her role in the upcoming drama, that she will be acting an ethical, logical, and rational character. “Even if she looks young and weak, she doesn’t try to hide her emotions or fear to express her opinion,” said Sooyoung.

She added, “It doesn’t mean that it is a stubborn character. She does her duties as a tax collector. It is a different character from what I have acted so far. She is more like a typical working woman we can find around us.”

Sooyoung’s photoshoot and interview will be available from the June issue of Grazia.

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Translated by Daeun Jeong