Song Ji-Hyo of Running Man “Different Makeup Style Brings Out Different Impressions”



Song Ji-hyo, now a beauty program MC, took some beautiful shots with digital magazine ‘VIEW.’ With her wavy hair, pastel tone top and her typical graceful smile and posture, she filled the work site with a pleasant feel.

First time being a beauty program MC, she stated, “When I was a high school student putting makeup on was considered a bad thing. And I got older but I wasn’t interested in makeup. But when I started to realize that an actress’s impression totally changes according to her makeup style, the beauty MC offer seemed like a new chance.”



She added, “Usually there are people who do my makeup for me, but I wish to learn more about makeup these days. Although not a beauty expert, I’m plunging into the makeup world by learning more about it. I’m also learning about beauty and fashion trends these days.” She then chuckled as she said she will become the prime example of how a beauty ‘noob’ can become a beauty expert.

“Song Ji-Hyo’s Beauty View” is not only gaining popularity in Korea but also throughout Asia. It is airing in 9 Southeast Asian countries through NOW TV and Hong Kong through VIU TV, even surpassing Korean dramas and ranking in top 10 viewer ratings in VIU TV. Due to its popularity, offers to buy the second season even before production are coming in. Also, Song’s self-videos from “Beauty View” are being constantly uploaded on her Weibo account that has about 5 million followers, causing the show to spread along China as well.

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Translated by Ellen Kim

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