Sneak Peek Into Seo In-guk’s Last Song Before Enlisting Into Army



Seo In-guk will be releasing his new single album right before enlisting in the army. Sadly he won’t be active in TV programs or concerts, but fans are still excited about his own original composition.

According to Seo’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment, Seo’s new album will be released in March. He practically had already released the song during his concert, and the same song will be released as a single album.

Officials of Seo’s agency said “It’s the song he sang during his concert last year December. It’s his present for his fans before enlisting in the army.”

Due to his active career as an ‘actor,’ many assume he is an actor but he actually started his singing career before jumping into the acting career. He had won Mnet’s “Superstar K” Season 1 in 2009, and had taken part in numerous drama soundtracks and collaboration projects with other musicians.

He has been an active actor as well starting from tvN’s drama “Reply 1997,” to OCN’s “38 Revenue Collection Unit,” and even MBC’s “Shopaholic Louis.” But he always had concerts and released new albums, continuing his career as a musician.

Many are curious what kind of music he will be releasing before leaving for the Gyeonggi Army Corps Fifth Infantry Division on March 28th. Officials stated, “He performed various new songs during the concert. We’re still not sure which song will be released.”

Predictions state that since it’s time to say farewell for a while, songs that show “gratitude” or a “request to wait for him” will be released.

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Translated by Ellen Kim

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