Seo In-young and Crown J’s Last ‘With You’ Episode Airs Despite Controversy



Despite Seo In-young’s recent controversy, Seo and Crown J’s last episode of JTBC ‘With You’ aired.

On the show’s episode that aired on 31st, Seo In-young & Crown J and Kim Sook & Yoon Jung-su couples are shown to be on honeymoons.

Seo In-young and Crown J visited a shopping mall in Dubai. Seo was amazed and excited at a shoes selection store, and Crown J went crazy over limited edition basketball shoes.

The couple then visited a carpet shop, and an Egyptian clerk complimented Seo In-young saying she looks like Cleopatra. Seo In-young was pleased by the compliment.

Seo and Crown J wrapped up 2016 with a dinner. The two talked and listened to their honest thoughts. Crown J Said, “I honestly worried a little bit before this trip because even going on a day trip with you is hard for me. But it was better than I expected”.

Seo said, “I thought this trip was going to be important. I was very hyped up sleeping with you together in the same room”.

Regardless of the controversy, Seo In-young and Crown J’s last episode aired and there was a preview at the end of the program notifying a new couple of Yoo Min-sang and Lee Soo-ji will appear in the next episode.


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Translated by Audrey Joung