Producers of Andante Shower EXO’s Kai With Compliments on his Hard Work



EXO’s Kai displayed some serious passion towards acting on the set of his upcoming drama “Andante.”

Producers released a few behind cuts of the drama set that show Kai immersing on his script and giving it his all towards acting.

He never lets go of his script and constantly exchanges thoughts with the director before shooting, paying close attention to what the director says.

Kai’s love towards his script is already famous within the filming spot. He holds onto it even during a cold, windy weather, carefully going through every detail of the story and reciting his lines.

He rushes towards the monitor immediately after the director’s ‘cut’ sign to check his acting. He also endlessly exchanges feedback with the director and fellow actors, showing his enthusiasm towards the drama. His passion increases people’s expectations towards the drama.

Kai will act as a 17 year old high school student Si-kyung, who forcefully left Seoul to a country school due to constantly lying to his mother. Audiences are already curious how Kai will portray the rebellious and complicated inner side of his character.

Officials of the drama mentioned, “Kai is constantly growing everyday with his passion and diligence towards the drama. He is certainly an actor to watch for in the future.”

KBS’s “Andante” will be a heartwarming drama about a city boy who transfers to a mysterious country school and matures through his experiences in the new place.

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Translated by Ellen Kim

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