Play Escape Room to Break Out of Boredom


You are locked in a closed room. You hear a creepy sound coming from somewhere. Within a given hour, you have to escape the room. It’s not a scene from Saw, but a situation you are to face playing a Escape Room game.


Escape Room games are physical versions of “escape the room” video games. To play the game, players are locked in a room and they solve puzzles and use elements in the room to escape within a set time limit. Although it may sound weird that people voluntarily lock themselves and seek for fun from the process of escaping, Escape Room is gaining more and more popularity.

Escape Room, which had first started out in Japan, soon went worldwide. You can find about 30 Escape Rooms in Los Angeles. Each place presents different theme, giving players more variety.

For example, “The Basement” located in Sylmar presents a horror themed room with the story of a taxidermist murderer. To escape, players have to solve puzzles related to the theme. “Exit Game” located in Monterey Park presents games of escaping secured bank vault or secret laboratories. Admission for an Escape Room game is about $30 per person and the escape usually takes about an hour.

If you are seeking for a new stimulation to make life more thrilling, shift your gaze from video game screens and go escape!

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Translated and edited by Heewon Kim