Park Shin-hye Privately Donated to Help Seomun Market Fire Victims

In courtesy of OSEN
In courtesy of OSEN

Actress Park Shin-hye recently made a donation to help victims affected by fire in Daegu’s Seomun Market.

On Friday, December 9, the actress’ agency, SALT Entertainment, confirmed that Park Shin-hye has donated 50 million KRW (approximately 42,662 USD) through Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association.

“We didn’t know about her donation until this morning,” said a representative from SALT Entertainment. “It was done privately by the actress. She’s been feeling bad for the victims.”

Park Shin-hye is known to be actively involved in humanitarian acts. She has recently been named in the Philanthropy Club of Korea Food for the Hungry International, which appreciates those who have donated over 100 million KRW.


Original article by Sung Ji-yeon
Translated by Heewon Kim

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