Park Shin-hye Named in KFHI’s Philanthropy Club

In courtesy of SALT Entertainment
In courtesy of SALT Entertainment

International relief organization, Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) has recently named Park Shin-hye in the organization’s Philanthropy Club, a selected group of doners who have donated over 100 million KRW.

Park Shin-hye has been actively involved in the organization’s humanitarian projects as its goodwill ambassador since 2011. The actress has also been promoting such projects, running “Starlight Angel Projects” with her fans since 2012.

In Korea, Park Shin-hye takes a part in KFHI’s “Happy Home School,” a project to support local children’s centers for low-income families. In Ghana, she has opened a multipurpose education center “Shin-hye Center.” The center’s second location in Philippines is also planned to open.

Along with the actress, Lee Eun-young, president of Park Shin-hye’s agency, SALT Entertainment, has also been inducted into the organization’s Philanthropy Club.


Original article by Choi Na-young
Translated by Heewon Kim


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