Park Na-rae Receives Best Comedian Award at the Korean Culture Entertainment Awards

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Comedian Park Na-rae received the best comedian award at the 24th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards.

Park gave a lot of laughter to her audience mainly through the program ‘Comedy Big League’, in which she transformed into famous actors including Cha Seung-won, Song Joong-ki, and Kim Goo-ra with special makeup and costumes.

As such, Park Na-rae has not only developed her own comedy style, but also actively been involved in other fields. It is anticipated how she will approach the audience in the upcoming year of 2017.

JDB Entertainment

During her speech at the awards, Park Na-rae said, “Thank you very much for giving me this award, which is more than I deserve. I really like making people laugh and I am very thankful and happy that there are people who laugh because of me. So, I think this award is more meaningful in such sense. Furthermore, I will work much harder from now on. I’d like to thank to my family, friends, JDB Entertainment and ‘Comedy Big League’ staff, and everyone else that loved me. I will continue to be number one pretty comedian (laugh).”

Park Na-rae is currently appearing on programs including ‘Comedy Big League’ and ‘Video Star’, and she will also be appearing as the third guest on ‘Lipstick Prince’.


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Translated by Audrey Joung

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