New Song of ZION-T X COOCI will be Released on Show Me the Money 5


New song of the Korean hip-hop musician, Zion-T, and producer Cooci will be unveiled through Show Me the Money 5. Even the title is kept as a secret, evoking fans’ attention as well as curiosity.

Relevant officials informed that Zion-T and Cooci performed on a special stage on April 26th while shooting Show Me the Money 5, where participating artists choose their producer teams after watching their performances. Zion-T and Cooci performed their new song for the first time on this stage, which turned out to be much popular.

With nearly two thousand seats filled, their 2-hour-long special stage was successfully done. Fans who watched the stage said, “people should keep the expectations high for this new song. Even though it was after 10 pm, fans asked for the encore stage repeatedly”

‘M-Net’ is strictly keeping the special stage under the veil, which makes fans anticipate for the new song. Special stages of other producers, Dok2 and The Quiet, Simon Dominic and Gray, and Gil and Mad Clown, will also be available on Show Me the Money 5.

M-Net’s Show Me the Money 5 will be broadcasted on May 13th.

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Translated by Daeun Jeong