Netflix Korea Responds to Backlash over Hiring Comedian with Misogyny History


Netflix Korea released an official statement to apologize for the recent controversy over hiring comedian Yoo Se-yoon to promote new series Iron Fist. Yoo Se-yoon, along with his crew members Jang Dong-min and Yoo Sang-moo, has been at the center of misogyny controversy since 2015 when their anti-women remarks in podcast episodes had been brought to light.

On March 21, Netflix Korea uploaded a video on Twitter to promote their original series Iron Fist. The video features Yoo Se-yoon introducing the series to Korean users and the caption reads, “Iron Fist that Yoo Se-yoon introduces so devotedly.”

Screenshot of the video advertisement for Iron Fist [Image in courtesy to Netfix Korea’s Twitter account @NetflixKR]

As soon as the video has been uploaded, Korean Twitter users reacted with anger, some even showing screenshots of their subscription cancellation pages.

“I’ve been paying (Netflix) since its launching and I don’t want a single penny of mine going into Yoo Se-yoon’s pocket,” said a Twitter user @regulardoge. “And please upload every season of The Office, Parks and Recreation, and The X-Files. There’s only House which is so sexist.”

It has taken three hours for Netflix to take the video down and release an official statement, which reads as following: “We will listen closer and be more considerate. We will follow the motto of Netflix, which is to share new, challenging, and various stories.”


By Heewon Kim