Natural Health Senior Welfare Association Offers Music Class

Natural Health Senior Welfare Association is starting a new music class. From the left; Vice-chairman Byung-ok Min, Professor Moon-kyu Jeong, vice-chairman Young-kyu Cho, chairman Moo-cheol Kim, director Kwang-il Kim and vice-chairman Hee-choon Seo.

“We will realize the longstanding dream for senior citizens who’ve longed to learn how to play music.”

Under the leadership of a new chairman, L.A. Natural Health Senior Welfare Association is launching a music class.

“We started a music class as Professor Moon-kyu Jeong will teach the students singing, playing guitar and organ,” said chairman Moo-cheol Kim, who began his term on March 30. “Our new program will contribute to the well-being of the senior citizens in our community. There are many Korean seniors who wanted to learn music since a young age, but couldn’t.”

Jeong has worked as a musician for the American military base in Korea since his early 20s.

“I started playing music with guitar [55 years ago],” said Jeong. “It’s different for everyone, but music could be a platform to help people overcome obstacles.”

Jeong is certain that none of his students will leave the course in middle of the course duration.

“To learn music is to leave something deep in your mind,” said Jeong. “That is why it requires a lot of practice. That is really important.”

Singing classes are held every Monday at 10 p.m., while organ classes are on Tuesday. Wednesdays are for guitar. The first introductory seminar is on May 25, 10 a.m.

Natural Health Senior Welfare Association is also set to continue its health seminar. It also plans to stay committed to street cleaning. The annual event is this June as the organization plans to clean the area around the Korean Bell of Friendship.

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By Byung Chang