Mnet’s Kpop Girl Group Project – Produce 101


produce 101On January 22nd, Mnet launched the first episode of a K-pop reality television series called Produce 101. This is a program in which the viewers vote, interact with, and eventually select an 11-member girl group, thus taking on the role of a “producer.”

Characterized by fancy dance performances, cute visuals, and a little bit of emotional drama, Produce 101 is a massive competition for the fewest spots in a fast-paced entertainment industry.

Produce 101 features girls who have previously trained in other companies (both big and small) as well as new faces we have not seen before. Although it has only been three weeks, audiences already have their favorite members in mind.

However, with so many candidates, it’s hard to tell one cute girl from another. How do you focus your attention and develop a personal connection with them when there are so many to begin with?

An introduction video “PICK ME” was released in December, where 101 aspiring Kpop idol stars wearing the same pink skirt and grey tailored jacket, moving in unison and passionately singing “pick me.” Netizens criticized how mechanic they looked.

It was a shocking visual representation of how many young people aspire to be Kpop idols. Produce 101 has so far aired two episodes – the third one to be released later tonight -. Look out for who the lucky 11 finalists will be!

By Hajin Lily Yi