Miss A’s Fei, Solo Debut on 21st



Fei’s solo debut has been delayed for two days, and JYP confirmed that her upcoming come-back will be on July 21st.

JYP, on 15th, announced that “Fei’s come-back has been delayed because of some alterations on production plans. Her come-back will be on the 21st now”.

Along with the statement, JYP released two teaser photos of her solo song , ‘Anything Fantasy’ on their official SNS.

In the released photos, Fei shows off her glamorous body with minimal clothes on.

fei 1

Especially her red colored hair and chic eyes make her fans anticipate a special image makeover.

Previously on the 12th, Park Jin-Young (JYP) surprisingly announced Fei’s come-back on his Instagram, saying that she will be the next ‘sexy muse’ after Um Jung-hwa, Park Ji-yoon, Ivy, and Sunmi.

Also, producer JYP recently created the ‘woman power’ image through artists including Wonder Girls, Twice, Baek Ah-yeon, Baek Ye-rin, so many anticipate what kind of image he will show through Fei.