Michelle Lee Unveils Her Mesmerizing Rap Skill on ‘Tribe of Hip Hop’

In courtesy of JTBC
In courtesy of JTBC

Korean American singer Michelle Lee, who previously let know of her captivating vocal through K-pop Star Season 1, enthralled both judges and audiences once again. This time, however, it was with her rap skill.

Michelle Lee is a musician who successfully auditioned for the first season of K-pop Star. After the show, she had been signed to YG Entertainment, but the contract was nullified as her group disbanded before debuting.

Her failed debut as a girl group member, however, may be good news to the Korean hip-hop scene. In the fourth episode of Tribe of Hip Hop Season 2, Michelle unveils her perfect transformation into a rapper.

Michelle captivates the judges even at the first verse. Female judges, especially, are excited by the discovery of a talented female rapper.


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By Heewon Kim

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