Make Your Own Coffee at This New LA Koreatown Coffee Shop



A new unique coffee shop just opened in LA Koreatown where you can ‘roast’ your special coffee beans.

At ‘Curiocity’ (CEO Jason Kang), which opened at the Chapman Plaza on 6th Street, there is a special facility that customers can use to roast coffee beans. Customers can purchase coffee beans an the shop, do the roasting in their own way, and simply bring it home.

CEO Kang said, “I’ve noticed that many coffee lovers want to experiment their own roasting method. We’ve been having many customers including couples, who visit to make their own coffee. I am also running a learning center where people can learn coffee-making skills for free.”

Because coffee beans can end up in a variety of flavors depending on the roasting process, temperature, and time, the business is having active research. Also, many coffee lovers roast their own coffee beans and give them as gifts to families with their names on.

CEO Kang is currently supplying coffee beans to about 70 places in Southern California, including 4 Korean coffee shops in Koreatown.

In 2012, Kang jumped into the Korean coffee market with Bob Marley Coffee, and he now has made license contract with 50 branches in Hong Kong. He is also planning to go into the canned coffee market.


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Translated by Audrey Joung