Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa Confirmed to Be Dating

In courtesy of OSEN
In courtesy of OSEN

Actor in recent Korean film Train To Busan, Ma Dong-seok, and fitness instructor Ye Jung-hwa are confirmed to be dating for three months.

The two, who are in the same agency, have started dating as they’ve gotten close to each other studying English and exercising together.

Previously, Ye Jung-hwa, who became a public figure making appearances on variety shows like My Little Television and I Live Alone, mentioned Ma Dong-seok as her ideal type, saying that she likes someone who is “masculine on the outside but tender and kind on the inside.”

As Ye Jung-hwa is working on her way to be an actress recently, Ma Dong-seok’s passion in acting must have appealed to her as well.

People who know Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa together say that the two make such a lovely couple, despite the 17 years of age gap.


Original article by Choi Na-young
Translated by Heewon Kim


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