Lee Seung-gi asks police to look into rumors

Lee Seung-gi

Singer-actor Lee Seung-gi has requested that police investigate the origins of a rumor that he has a child with his former makeup artist, his talent agency, Hook Entertainment, said on Thursday.

Lee will seek punishment for the internet users who began spreading the groundless rumors, the agency added.

“So far, Lee has not been responding to any rumors or malicious comments involving him on the internet because he believed that was some people’s way of expressing interest in him,” a Hook Entertainment representative said.

“However, Lee took the latest case to the authorities because it is preposterous, disturbing even. We believed that the rumor would not only hurt Lee but also greatly hurt the woman [rumored to have given birth to Lee’s child].”

A photo of the woman involved in the case has spread throughout the internet, though the celebrity claims she is a complete stranger.

Lee is firm that he will not settle the case until the person who started the rumor is found.

The star has been fulfilling his mandatory military service since February.
By Jin Min-ji