Lee Dong-wook of ‘Goblin’ Participates in Child Aid Campaign



Actor Lee Dong-wook showed his benevolence by participating in UNICEF’s year-end campaign.

On the 17th, Lee’s agency King Kong by Starship uploaded photos of Lee participating in UNICEF Korea’s ‘We Action [#every child]’ campaign.

The photos revealed the handsome actor wearing a badge with the campaign name imprinted on it, him holding a panel with the campaign’s slogan in his own writing, and him explaining in detail about the campaign.

Lee fully engaged himself in this campaign, checking his facial expression, voice tone, and the length of his words in detail in order to bring out the very best in portraying the campaign’s message.

It is known that Lee even managed and changed his shooting schedule for the tvN drama ‘Goblin’ in order to participate in this campaign. He managed to use bits of his time during his busy schedule, which shows that he is not only handsome but also very kindhearted.

The ‘We Action [#every child]’ campaign aims to protect children who need our help through UNICEF. Donations given to UNICEF goes to protective facilities, relief goods, medical aid, and schools to protect the children from potential threats. Many King Kong by Starship Entertainment’s artists other than Lee participated in this campaign as well.

Meanwhile, Lee played the role of “Grim Reaper” in the famous Korean drama ‘Goblin’ and earned the audiences’ love towards him. He is currently receiving a lot of offers for ads while shooting many commercials and preparing for his Asia tour.

Original article available at http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=5015366

Translated by Ellen Kim

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