LA Consulate Office and Korean Chamber of Commerce Host Business Mixer with Parents and Children


An event bringing together prominent businesspeople and the rest of the Korean community has sparked an interest among those interested in entrepreneurship.

L.A.’s Consulate General of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Chamber of Commerce is hosting a business mixer on May 9 for Korean-American families.

The intended goal of the event is to provide a platform for conversation to discuss various issues affecting the Korean-American community. Although the event is titled as a business mixer, the attendees will include ordinary salarymen, politicians and other working professionals from diverse backgrounds.

“This may be the first time Korean parents and children will be sitting side to side at a business mixer,” said Korean Chamber of Commerce president Eun Lee.

“We’re expecting about 150 people.Through the mixer, the successful entrepreneurs will be able to share the stories of their careers to the younger generation, while helping everyone at the event to develop a better understanding of the Korean community. We’re expecting this event to grow into a larger networking opportunity for young people as well.”

The consulate office has also expressed a strong interest in the event. “Business partnership between Korea and the U.S. is more urgently needed than ever before since the free trade agreement between the two countries,” said L.A.-based Korean consul Kwang-ryul Yoo.

“During this time, it is important for Korean parents and children to have a broader understanding of how economy works in the two countries. It is encouraging that we can play a role to contribute.”

To encourage participation at the event, the hosts have chosen to select the attendee who was the most active in greeting others to award them a prize.

“The one who got the most business cards is probably the person who networked the most actively,” said Lee. “I’m going to prepare an amazing gift.”


By Moonho Kim