Kwanghee Leaves For The Military and Will Come Back to Infinite Challenge Two Years Later


It’s sad that Infinite Challenge’s youngest member Kwanghee has left for the military on the 13th.

He will receive basic military training for 5 weeks in Nonsan Training Center and then start his 2 years of military service.

Kwanghee had received a lot of harsh comments when he first joined Infinite Challenge in 2015 and couldn’t really fit in, but later on proved himself as a perfect member through the special ‘chaser’ episode and ‘music festival’ episode.

Kwanghee had played an especially big role in Infinite Challenge’s ‘Wanted’ episode, which is still being talked about until today. He certainly showed his potential through this episode.

Kwanghee had disguised as a delivery man to tag Jung Woo-sung out in the ‘War of the Gods’ episode, which also remains a highlight scene of Infinite Challenge. Infinite Challenge had gone through some hard times in the chasing episodes after No Hong-chul left, but Kwanghee saved the program with his cleverness and agility.

The ‘music festival’ episode is also one of the program’s highlights since Kwanghee had teamed up with G-Dragon and Taeyang to show his side as a male idol singer.

During the Bigbang special episode, Kwanghee defeated all Bigbang members with his dance moves. He was never a good dancer but in this episode showed some fancy moves that surprised everyone.

Kwanghee was just getting the hang of this program when news on his military service spread. It’s sad how he was fitting in perfectly but suddenly had to leave; however, he will hopefully come back after two years and fully show his potential then.

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Translated by Ellen Kim

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