[Kpop Spotlight] 4MINUTE “Hate” Comeback Concept Analysis


4minute HateA year after their last hit song “CRAZY”, 4MINUTE released their seventh mini album Act.7 with the title track “HATE” on February 1st.

Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna, and Sohyun show off their powerful charisma in the music video, which has reached two million views within the first day. The MV showcases a bold color theme, the contrast between the red background, red roses, and red lipstick and the white track suits and bold letters.

The lyrics paint a girl’s outspoken response after sensing that the guy wants to end the relationship. And the music is a breath-taking blend between (1) catchy Kpop (2) hip hop and (3) EDM, thanks to DJ Skrillex who co-composed the piece with Seo Je woo and Son Young Jin.

The dynamic choreography, head-to-toe hip hop inspired fashion, and booming electronic sounds all amount to enhance 4MINUTE’s image as the “ultimate girl crush” of Kpop. 4MINUTE breaks the stereotype of a cutesy girly female idol group for hard core, girl power concept.

The following is a closer look at how individual members’ concepts have evolved with this February comeback:

4minute JihyunJihyun dyed her hair blonde!! Jihyun is finally getting more camera time with multiple single shots and single moments!! Her light blue eyes compliment her princess-like blonde hair. Jihyun’s contract with CUBE Entertainment is about to expire soon, which means that the success of “HATE” is crucial in influencing her decision to either stay with the company or not.

4minute Jiyoon 지윤캡쳐Jiyoon After a successful appearance in Unpretty Rapstar Season 2, Jiyoon continues to participate in drafting her own lyrics for 4MINUTE’s album. The four members voted that this hard core girl power concept suited Jiyoon the best. After the green hair during “CRAZY”, Jiyoon flawlessly pulls of a curly bob in the MV of “HATE”.



4minute gayoon 가윤캡처Gayoon has branched her sophisticated taste and interest in fashion to a more professional level by assisting with the visual directing of this album. As an idol who actually performs on stage, Gayoon possesses a unique perspective in costume design. As the main vocalist, Gayoon also captures the listeners’ heart with her powerful voice.



현아캡처 hyunaHyuna It is no surprise that Hyuna, again, takes front and center in the performance of “HATE”. The dark hair and green eyes brings out her strongest physical features. And fans marvel at her ability to off both an attention-grabbing sexy look on stage and an innocent look off stage. Hyuna, as a rapper of 4MINUTE, has also participated in writing her own lyrics for this album.

Sohyun캡처Sohyun now has bangs! She demonstrated her sexy charisma when she shot a revealing fashion editorial for the magazine Sure. Sohyun is able to cross back and forth between being the cute maknae of the group and a complete bad girl on stage. Sohyun has also participated in writing lyrics for 4MINUTE’s album Act.7.


Stay tuned for 4MINUTE’s comeback stage this Wednesday, February 3rd on SHOW CHAMPION!

By Hajin Lily Yi

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