Korean News Anchor Publicly Mocks Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany on Air

Image screen captured from MBN’s “News Fighter”

MBN News anchor Kim Myung-joon has sarcastically congratulated Tiffany on Japan’s win over South Korea in Olympic Badminton.

Closing the news show, “News Fighter,” on August 17, anchor Kim Myung-joon reported South Korea’s loss against Japan in women’s badminton at the Rio Olympics. “The loss is unfortunate, but we have to celebrate what has to be celebrated,” said Kim. “Congratulations, Tiffany.”

These ending comments refer to Tiffany’s recent social media controversy. On the National Liberation Day of Korea, Tiffany has uploaded a picture on Snapchat, decorated with the rising sun symbol which is associated with Japanese imperialism. In response to the controversy over the picture, Tiffany has publicly apologized by uploading a handwritten letter on Instagram.

Yet, the MBN anchor made it clear that some people are still too upset to accept her apology. Partly because┬áhe has already expressed his opinion on the controversy the day before as well, anchor Kim’s comments are causing an uproar.

While people who support him are satisfied with his upright attitude, others are feeling uncomfortable, saying that those are not the kind of comments to be made on broadcasted news.


Original article written by Bae Jae-sung
Translated by Heewon Kim