Korean Celebrities Encourage Struggling Young Adults One-on-One


Have you ever imagined running into your favorite celebrities? What about them waiting for you after a long, hard day at work? While I imagine myself almost dying with a heart attack in that situation, these lucky people have survived through their encounters with favorite stars.

Photo captured from Good Work Today (수고했어 오늘도), created by Dingo and Part-Time Heaven.
Photo captured from Good Work Today (수고했어 오늘도), created by Dingo and Part-Time Heaven.

Dingo Studios, Korean digital contents creator, in partnership with Part-Time Heaven, Korean part-time employment agency, made this fantasy come true as a part of the project to cheer young adults who are struggling to survive the stagnant job market in South Korea.

In the series, Good Work Today (수고했어 오늘도), celebrities, including Ha-ha, Jung Joon-young, HyunA, Eric Nam, Yubin of Wonder Girls, and Kang Ha-neul, visit their fans late at night, waiting until they leave work. Having dinner together, helping to wrap up the work, or walking them home, they spend short yet valuable times with their fans to encourage those struggling young adults.

In Good Work Today episode 3, Jung Joon-young waits for his fan in front of her office to drive her home. Ha-neul, who works as a call center agent, is surprised to find him after having a hard day, receiving hostile calls. On the way back home, Joon-young listens to her, encourages her, and gift nutrient supplements for her throat and a warm hug.

HyunA, in episode 5, visits Bo-yoon who is wrapping up her day at a hair salon. Listening to Bo-yoon’s stories about work and her dream, HyunA helped her to clean the place before they leave work.

At the end of a hard day, there would be nothing more heartwarming then warm words that acknowledge your struggles and efforts. By having those words coming out of the favorite celebrities’s mouths, Good Work Today encourages all the struggling young adults.


By Heewon Kim