Korean Actor Publicly Criticizes Lee Guk-joo for Sexual Harassment


Korean actor On Si-woo left a comment on Facebook criticizing Lee Guk-joo for sexually harassing male celebrities.

Previously, comedian Lee Guk-joo posted a screenshot of malicious comments on her Instagram, indicating her intention to take legal action. To the article on Facebook about Lee Guk-joo’s take, On Si-woo criticized her, leaving a comment regarding the sexual harassment controversies in the past.

“Do you feel bad being harassed through comments?” wrote the actor. “What do you think about the male celebrities you sexually harassed publicly? They could only smile bitterly because the situation didn’t allow them to react seriously. You could have been sued ten times already so you better be ashamed of yourself.”

Actually, there had been controversies over Lee Guk-joo’s use of excessive physical contacts for comedy. While some viewers claim that they could see the male celebrities feel uncomfortable using unnecessary physical contacts as a joke, others defend her, arguing that it was the shows’ requests for her, not the comedian’s.

At the same time, many are criticizing On Si-woo for bringing an irrelevant issue to make his name known.

Through the Instagram posting, Lee Guk-joo left a comment on people who have left malicious comments about her appearance. In the picture she captured, one can find comments that go the line, such as “I won’t do it with such a pig no matter how much I get paid.” While Lee Guk-joo’s posting was directed to the rampant body shaming, On Si-woo’s criticism sounds off the topic as he insists that Lee Guk-joo, who has sexually harassed male celebrities, doesn’t have right to accuse those who leave malicious comments.

Both Lee Guk-joo’s Instagram posting and On Si-woo’s Facebook comment have been deleted as the controversy grew.


Original article by Choi Na-young
Translated by Heewon Kim

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