Kim Soo-hyun and An So-hee Caught Up in Marriage Rumors



Some reports from China are claiming dating and marriage rumors involving Kim Soo-hyun and An So-hee, which are causing confusion to many fans.

Keyeast Entertainment, Kim and An’s management company emphasized that “the rumors are completely not true. Also, we are right now collecting evidence of spreading false information, and we will strongly take action”.

The rumors with no proof started like this. Dating and marriage rumors of Kim and An started floating around on a Korean Internet user’s SNS, and it was developed to fake news in China.

The rumors explain that the two have been dating for a year, and that the reason An So-hee moved to Keyeast is also because of Kim Soo-hyun.

Earlier in 2015, Kim and An were actually involved in dating rumors, and Keyeast denied the rumors at that time, as well.



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Translated by Audrey Joung