Kim Ji-won Talked About Descendants of the Sun in the Interview with Sure

kim jiwon
Kim Ji-won ; Photography Courtesy of Sure

Kim Ji-won will be featured on the cover of July issue of Korean Beauty & Style magazine, Sure.

Even if she is as young as twenty-five years old, she already has built up a successful career as an actress. Especially, she was spotlighted through her appearance in the popular K-drama Descendants of the Sun.

She talked about her appearance in Descendants of the Sun in an interview with Sure. “I could meet with some of the greatest co-workers as well as Myung-joo,” Ji-won answered to the question asking about the accomplishments made from acting in Descendants of the Sun. Myung-joo is name of the role she played in the show.

kim jiwon2
Kim Ji-won ; Photography Courtesy of Sure

To the question asking about her recent interest, Ji-won answered that she is interested in fashion. She enthusiastically showed interest in her styling throughout the photo shoots, proving her interest in clothing and styling. 

More photos and interview contents are available from the July issue of Sure. You may also find behind-the-scene videos on the YouTube channel of Sure.

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Translated by Daeun Jeong