Kim Hee-chul Ends His Gay Rumors By Showing Interest Towards Hello Venus’ Nara


Kim Hee-chul put an end to his rumors of being gay through the program “Happy Together 3.”

The third episode of the 15-year anniversary special “Sauna Returns” will air on the 16th, with Son Hyun-joo, Kim Sang-ho, Hello Venus Nara, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Hee-chul, and John Park as guests. Viewers will be able to feel the fun of the original “sauna talk” through this episode, especially because Kim Hee-chul is said to have openly talked about his personal life which will make everyone laugh.

Lee Soo-geun mentioned, “It’s really nice to be close to Kim Hee-chul. He’s close to a lot of girl groups so I can watch him video chat with them in no makeup. They don’t think of him as a guy,” which surprised everyone in the studio. Kim Hee-chul responded to this by saying, “This is why there are rumors that I like men,” which made everyone burst into laughter.

Kim Hee-chul then revealed his personal stories to finally put an end to this rumor. “I never feel comfortable talking to a girl I’m interested in,” he said. He then told Nara “We should still use polite words (a form of respect towards new acquaintances in Korea) to each other,” expressing his interest towards Nara. He even said “Nara’s father is my father-in-law,” shocking everyone in the scene.

Kim Hee-chul is said to have showed his full potential during this episode, making the scene a ‘festival’ and increasing the expectations toward this episode.

Officials of “Happy Together” stated, “This week’s special episode ‘sauna returns’ will be as fun as last week’s ‘friends returns’ and we included all the original contents from before.”

“Happy Together 3” will air on the 16th 11:10PM KST.

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Translated by Ellen Kim

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