JYJ Junsu and EXID Hani Have Broken up after One Year



It was confirmed that Junsu of JYJ and Hani of EXID have broken up after one year of their relationship.

Hani’s agency, Banana Culture, affirmed their breakup through Ilgan Sports on September 13, stating their busy schedules for the reason.

CJeS, Junsu’s agency, also confirmed the breakup: “Although the definite reason is unknown because Junsu is busy for the upcoming concert, it is true that they have broken up.”

Junsu and Hani were revealed to be dating by Dispatch on the first day of this year. They’ve first developed the relationship through the musical “Death Note,” which starred both of them.

Despite the breakup, both Hani and Junsu are keeping busy with the schedules. While Hani is appearing on Weekly Idol as an MC and getting ready for the upcoming fan meeting in Taiwan, Junsu is acting in the musical “Dorian Gray” as the leading actor.


Original article written by Mi-hyun Lee
Translated by Heewon Kim