JYJ Jaejoong Becomes First Korean Star to Release a ‘Treasure Book’


JYJ’s Jaejoong became the first Korean celebrity to be selected for the ‘Treasure Book’ series.

The ‘Treasure Book’ series is a publication that includes rare photos and life episodes of notorious celebrities or characters. It is already an official series with a long history in the United States and in Europe – this time, the series decided to publish a book on JYJ’s Jaejoong.

The series had done publications on Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Japanese baseball player Sadaharu Oh, all who have done exceptionally well in their fields. Thus it is truly more meaningful for Jaejoong to be the first Korean celebrity to add his name to this series.

Jaejoong’s ‘Treasure Book’ will feature a theme of “LOVE&REBIRTH,” a story¬†about his childhood and current life.

Officials of the publishing company stated, “We wanted to work with an artist who has a worldwide influence. Of course there are worldwide musicians in Japan as well, but we selected Jaejoong for his leadership in K-POP that left a big impact on the global market.”

Jaejoong will be holding his ‘2017 KIM JAEJOONG ASIA TOUR The Rebirth of J’ concert in Macau, Hong Kong on the 25th.

Original article available on http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=5113545

Translated by Ellen Kim