Jessi Asked out by More Than 10 Celebrities

Jessi ; Photography Courtesy of Seoul Broadcasting System

Korean female rapper Jessi unveiled that more than ten celebrities have asked her out since her debut.

Jessi was on Kim Yeong-cheol’s Radio Show on October 10. To the question asking how often she’s been asked out, she answered that more than ten male celebrities asked her on a date.

“I have dated a celebrity before,” she added. “I’m not dating anyone at this moment, but I prefer long-term relationship when I do.”

To the question asking if she’d like someone like Kim Yeong-cheol as a boyfriend, Jessi showed a positive reaction, saying, “Not bad.” “I like someone who makes me laugh and Yeong-cheol actually makes me laugh,” said Jessi. “Appearance doesn’t matter much,” she added humorously.

“I’m suffering from a tightly packed schedule these days, but I try to enjoy it because you never know if I will be busy like this ever again,” said Jessi.


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Translated by Daeun Jeong