Jealousy Incarnate Expected to Become Rom Com Bible with Its Famed Casts


Jealousy Incarnation casts [PHOTO by SBS]
Jealousy Incarnation casts [PHOTO by SBS]
Three key players of Korean romantic comedy genre gather for the new K-Drama, Jealousy Incarnate.

Jealousy Incarnate, which is set for its first episode to be aired tomorrow (which is only few hours away in KST), stars Gong Hyo-jin, Jo Jung-Suk, and Go Kyung-pyo. As the three of them are well known for their established careers in the romantic comedy genre, audiences are looking forward to witness the return of rom com kings and queen.

Gong Hyo-jin is one of the veteran actresses in the genre, whether televised or screened. Some of the notable K-Dramas starring Gong Hyo-jin include Pasta, The Greatest Love , Master’s Sun, and The Producers. As the new series is written by the author of Pasta, our heroin is expected to show the invaluable chemistry with the screenwriter, not to mention the actors.

Jo Jung-suk, who began his career as a musical actor, makes another reason for many to the show. His signature tsundere character shown in popular series like The King 2 Hearts and Oh My Ghostess seems to be continued in Jealousy Incarnate as well.

Go Kyung-pyo, who was featured in Reply 1988, on the other hand, is expected to act a character that’s quite different from his previous roles. Unlike previous playful adolescent characters he has shown in Standby and Reply 1988, Go Kyung-pyo is to be featured as a cool chaebol heir.

Jealousy Incarnate, the new Korean drama series scheduled to air August 24, is a romantic comedy drama that centers around jealousy derived from the triangle relationship.



By Heewon Kim