Infinite Challenge Team in LA to Film Special Episodes

Infinite Challenge members at Incheon International Airport (PHOTO by OSEN DB)

Although originally planned reunion with Jack Black is unlikely to happen, the Infinite Challenge team is here in Los Angeles to film the special U.S. episode.

As one of the most beloved “real variety shows” in South Korea, Infinite Challenge never fails fans’ expectations, even when plan A doesn’t work (Ironically, members of Infinite Challenge do better with less, as many of “legendary” plan B episodes prove).

The key player of this L.A. special episode will be Jung Jun-ha. Earlier this year in “Lucky Letter” episode (EP 464), members chose Jun-ha as a sacrifice for special mission assignments. By the end of the episode, Jun-ha was chosen by five members – laughably including himself – to fulfill special missions. One of those missions is “to ride the scariest roller coaster five times in a row” and the Infinite Challenge team is visiting Los Angeles to fulfill this mission, supposedly at Six Flags.

Infinite Challenge members at Incheon International Airport (PHOTO by OSEN DB)

The Infinite Challenge members and staffs have left from Incheon International Airport yesterday and arrived to LAX few hours ago. Filming the opening scene at Incheon Airport, Yoo Jae-suk expressed a small disappointment about not being able to see Jack Black. “Our plan to reunite with Jack Black fell through due to his film schedule,” said Jae-suk.

However, fans don’t seem to be disappointed as much. Instead, they are excitedly waiting for other special episodes, not to mention Jun-ha’s roller coaster riding. Earlier in New York, Infinite Challenge team has filmed four different episodes for less than a week, all turned out to be hilariously successful.

Without knowing what to expect but Jun-ha’s renowned invaluable scared reaction (watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean with “invaluable”), fans are looking forward to watching the U.S. Special episodes.


Original article written by Jung Jun-hwa
Translated by Heewon Kim