In Memory of Susan Ahn Cuddy, Pioneering Korean American


Susan Ahn Cuddy was the eldest daughter of Dosan Ahn Changho, who devoted his life as an independence activist against the Japanese imperialism in Korea.

Although Susan Ahn Cuddy was born and raised here in Los Angeles as a citizen of the United States, she never lost her spirit as a Korean as her father once told her, “be an excellent American, but never lose your spirit as a Korean.”

As the first female gunnery officer in the United States Navy, as well as the first Asian-American woman to join the U.S. Navy, Susan was and is the role model for many second generation Korean Americans.

It’s been a year since Susan passed away last year on June 24th. Let’s not forget the legacies she left as one of the first generations of people to immigrate to the United States.