Hyun-Soo Kim, Jung-Ho Kang, Dae-Ho Lee bat on the same day



Seattle Mariner fan-favorite Dae-ho Lee prepares to bat.

Seattle Mariner fan-favorite Dae-ho Lee prepares to bat.

Korean MLB baseball players Hyun-Soo Kim (28), Jung-Ho Kang (29), and Dae-Ho Lee (33) play the field on June 15.

Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Hyun-Soo Kim batted a 0.319 average on Wednesday where the Orioles recorded a 4-6 loss to the Boston Red Sox after a 3-2 win on the previous day. The Orioles and Red Sox face off at Fenway Park on June 16 for the last of their 3 consecutive series games.

In New York, Pittsburgh Pirates Infielder Jung-Ho Kang batted a 0.283 average where the Pirates experienced a devastating 2-11 loss to the New York Mets led by Pitcher Noah Syndergaard (23). Kang has 30 hits and 106 at bats in the 2016 regular season.

Seattle Mariner fan-favorite ‘Big-boy’ Dae-Ho Lee batted a 0.288 average against the Tampa Bay Rays where the Mariners lost 2-3 only to win 6-4 the following day. In 2010, Lee set the world record for hitting home runs in 9 consecutive games.

Originally reported by Hwashik Bong (bong.hwashik@koreadaily.com)

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Translated/Adapted by Hankyul Sharon Lee