Former T-ara Member Hwayoung Confronts Kim Woo-ri Over ‘Shampoo’ Controversy


Hwayoung confronted stylist Kim Woo-ri, who recently criticized her on a TV program.

On the 14th, Hwayoung posted on her Instagram, “Mr. Kim Woo-ri, okay I hear you, but please stop making up words”.

Such controversy was caused by Kim Woo-ri’s revelation on Chanel A’s talk show ‘Rumor Has It’. Kim Woo-ri revealed, “I was once a stylist for T-ara. I understand it was hard for Hwayoung to adjust to the team, because it all had been firmly built up by original members. Because Hwayoung could enjoy all the things that had been achieved by original members, who worked so hard for years, she didn’t really have a particular system. In other words, she was rude and had no manners”.

Kim continued and said, “One thing I can definitely guarantee it is true is that there is no fault on T-ara’s part. Hwayoung even used to call hair salon staff as ‘shampoo’. There were only stories about Hwayoung’s bad behavior among the staff”.

Reacting to Kim Woo-ri’s disclosure, Hwayoung made a vigorous attack publicly saying “Mr. Kim, you are being a nuisance by making my agency people have an emergency meeting since early morning. You should have appeared on TV after exactly knowing facts. How sad you are so sloppy. Sigh, you also have become so old”.



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Translated by Audrey Joung