How Seo Hyun-jin Gets Over a Breakup: Binge Eating and Watching American TV Shows



Popular KBS drama Another Oh Hae-young‘s star Seo Hyun-jin revealed that her way to get over a break up ‘binge-eating’ and ‘binge-watching American dramas’.

The star recently had a summer makeup photo shoot for style magazine, High Cut, with the collaboration with Estee Lauder.

In this photo shoot, she showed off her “own” beauty, which is certainly different from her pathetic Oh-Hae Young character in the drama. Seo’s makeup included sheer pink eye shadows and coral color gradation lip. Her hot pink lip color in another photo shows her sophisticated feminine beauty, and another red lip color shows her sexy, mature beauty


Seo Hyun-jin, during the interview after the photo shoot, said that the current success of Another Oh Hae-young is all because of the efforts of other casts and staff members.

She said, “They say that the drama’s success is all because of my work, but actually it is not. It’s all on the works of he Writer, who has created this Hae-young’s character, along with other actors and actress’ wonderful acting. Especially our staff members are very hardworking compared to other crew that I have worked with. They are like ‘the Avengers’ team”.

In the drama, her character, Oh Hae-young is a brave woman who approaches to the man she loves and confesses her love first. Yet, about her actually love life, she says, “I am not brave because I’m an average Korean woman. I never open my mouth to confess until the man confesses to me first. Maybe that’s why my relationships with men always fail”.

In the drama, Hae-young gets over a breakup with drinking a lot of alcohol. About this, Seo said, “in reality, I can’t really drink at all. Instead, I get over a breakup with binge-eating a lot of food and binge-watching American TV shows. So, (when I go through a breakup), I eat, or watch TV, or do both”.

Her beauty photo shoot and interview are available in High Cut’s 175th issue, which was published in June 2nd. Also, you can enjoy some photo shoots that are not in the paper copy in the ‘Digital High Cut’ application, which you can access to starting on the 7th.


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Translated by Audrey Joung