Here Are More Photos from Kim Tae-hee & Rain Couple’s Photoshoot


More photos from Kim Tae-hee and Rain Couple’s photo shoot have been released

This Harper’s BAZAAR photoshoot is especially special since it is the couple’s first photoshoot together after their marriage.

In the photos that have been additionally released, the couple looks so natural that it seems like their real daily life.

In the photos, Kim Tae-hee showed off sophisticated spring fashion looks with pink-nude sunglasses. In other cuts, she is wearing a flower patterned dress. Similarly, Rain is wearing vibrant striped shirts and sporty sneakers to harmonize with Kim Tae-hee’s elegant outfit.

More photos of Kim Tae-hee & Rain couple are available on the April edition of Harper’s BAZAAR.


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Translated by Audrey Joung