Heavenly-looking 0 calorie dessert has landed in the U.S.


Water is the best, the most approachable 0 calorie snack you can enjoy while on a diet (Yes. It’s just a self-justification to make myself feel better about the sad reality of calorie-cutting diet. I don’t usually call water a “snack”). However, if you take a look at this newly landed dessert in the U.S., you might actually want to have water as a snack all the time. This is how it looks like:


This transparent, raindrop-looking dessert is actually called Raindrop Cake (mizushingen mochi), first invented in Japan. Ingredients are simple: water and agar, which is a vegan alternative to gelatin. Mixed together, water and agar make a dessert with raindrop-like appearance and texture.

Since neither water nor agar has much taste in it, raindrop cake is served with a condiments on the side, which usually is roasted soybean flour.

People who tried raindrop cake comment that it offers a new sensory experience, although its taste is not as heavenly as it looks (I mean, what do you expect out of water?)

By Heewon Kim