Hardwell Criticizes Park Myung Soo for Using His Track Without Permission

Harwell's Facebook
Harwell’s Facebook page

Famous Korean comedian and DJ, Park Myung-soo, has been accused for using illegally downloaded track of world-famous DJ Hardwell, without his permission.

On January 17 KST, the famous Dutch DJ shared a video of Park Myung-soo DJ-ing at a club in Seoul. The caption writes, “When the DJ’s play @Hardwellonair in the club.

On January 14, Park Myung-soo, who play sets under DJ name G Park, played at Club Octagon located in Seoul, Korea. Among the set he played, DJ Jewelz & Spark’s recent releases “Grande Opera” was included.

The original artists soon found out that G Park has used an illegally downloaded source, because the track didn’t sound like the officially released version of the track. The track G Park played in the club turned out to be the one Hardwell played on his podcast, Hardwell On Air, as it includes the podcast’s signature sound.

Park Myung-soo's Instagram
Park Myung-soo’s Instagram account

Following Jewelz & Sparks’ Facebook posting regarding G Park’s DJ-ing, in which they kindly included a link to the official track on Beatport, Hardwell, too, posted the video on his social media page and criticisms endued.

Regarding the incident, Park Myung-soo posted an official apology on his Instagram account. Full text is as follows:

“First of all, it’s right that my set was wrong. Club Octagon does not play illegally downloaded sound file at all to ensure the sound quality. They use aiff files most of the time. I made a mistake as I pick the track on the instant. I will be more careful on my selection in the future. I really like Hardwell and the original artists. I will recompense with better sets in the future.”


By Heewon Kim