Haha Is Heading to Jamaica as a Reggae Singer



Haha, with Skull, is heading to Jamaica, the home of reggae.

It was in a 2007 Infinite Challenge episode when Haha first tried the genre. Singing ‘Story of a Short Boy,’ which he put the lyrics himself, Haha made audiences laugh at its comical lyrics but at the same time, he also found potential as a reggae singer.

Five years later in 2012, Haha chose to pursue the path as a reggae musician. He debuted as a member of Skull and Haha, a reggae band of him and another reggae musician, Skull.

Earlier this year in March, Skull and Haha, together with Bob Marley’s son, Stephen Marley, released a song ‘Love Inside.’ Unfortunately, the song failed to receive much attention at first.

However, the song is recently making a big hit out of the blue. While their song is topping the Jamaican music charts, Skull and Haha are invited to the home of reggae to make appearances on TV shows and radio shows, including the most popular TV program, Smile Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Haha is scheduled to have a tour concert with Kim Jong-kook and Turbo in the US this coming November.


Watch the official music video of ‘Love Inside’ below!


Original article by Moon Sung-hoon
Translated by Heewon Kim