Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook Reunite at Fan Meeting

KINGKONG by Starship Entertainment

1,500 fans who were at actor Lee Dong-wook’s fan meeting event on March 12 had a very special night. Not only did Lee Dong-wook treat his fans with various events, but he also invited Gong Yoo, with whom he has shown perfect bromance chemistry at his latest drama series, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

On March 12, Lee Dong-wook held a fan meeting event to celebrate the success of Guardian as well as to appreciate much support from fans.

According to people who were at the event, Gong Yoo spent more time than expected. The two played games and had a brief interview session, where both actors shared thoughts on Guardian and thanked each other for great performances in the drama.

Witnessing Lee Dong-wook and Gong Yoo showcasing their bromance once again, fans who were at the event agreed that they want to see their chemistry in another drama soon.


Original article by Kang Seo-jung
Translated by Heewon Kim