Former 4Minute Member Jeon Ji-yoon to Make a Solo Debut

Jeon Ji-yoon
Jeon Ji-yoon

Jeon Ji-yoon, the former member of K-pop girl group 4Minute, is set to make a debut as a solo artist.

According to JS E&M Entertainment, Jeon Ji-yoon is to release a digital single album in October.

Her agency added, “Jeon Ji-yoon will complete recording as well as music video filming for the new song. As she is the first musician to sign a contract with us, we will make an exclusive team to support her solo debut.”

Jeon Ji-yoon debuted as a member of K-pop girl group 4Minute in 2009. In last June, 4Minute disbanded as the contract with Cube Entertainment expired. After leaving 4Minute, Jeon Ji-yoon signed a new contract with JS E&M Entertainment.


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Translated by Daeun Jeong