For 10 years BIGBANG is at the Top of Music Industry


BigBang celebrates its tenth anniversary. For the ten years, they’ve been keeping their position at the top. Their talent is still competent. Nobody can replace BigBang -whether it’s in Korea or abroad.

They are to hold 10th anniversary concert – with one additional concert in Osakas Yamma stadium on July 30th and 31th. The number of seats is also increased from 110,000 to 165,000 due to high demand.

For the four months since last November, BigBang has successfully done their world tour with 911,000 fans at their concerts only in Japan. Such a large number of audiences is meaningful, since BigBang was the first foreign artist in Japan to accomplish as such three years in a row.

Their popularity is on-going, with much attention paid to their following shows.

Also, BigBang has started “fan club event tour”. They have Arena concert at Kobe World Memorial Hall on April 22th through 24th, and it will be held again from May 27th to 29th at the same location. They are having total of 27 shows in four cities.

Working individually, as well as a group member, each member has established himself as a star. Many Korean fans complain about tight schedules abroad because their increasing popularity makes them see BigBang scarcely.

Their popularity has not been decreased for ten years. We don’t need much words to explain their popularity, do we?

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Translated by Daeun Jeong