Eric Nam, “I Would be Getting a $100k Salary If I Didn’t Become a Singer”


Singer Eric Nam revealed the truth behind his ‘100k salary’ story.

Nam appeared on JTBC’s program ‘Old House New House’ on the 23rd, requesting for the interior design of his studio.

On the episode, Nam talked about his old life in America. Eric Nam said, “I graduated from Boston College, majoring in International Relations. After graduation, I received an offer from an accounting firm, and during the year I was in India for volunteering, a Korean audition program contacted me”.

To the question about the salary he was offered, Nam answered that “It would have been about $100k with bonus if I worked there. I had a lot on my mind because I wanted to go back, and also I didn’t want to give up without even giving it a shot”.


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Translated by Audrey Joung