Dean releases an EP album [130 mood: TRBL]


Singer, songwriter, lyricist, and music producer – all of these titles apply to Dean. Dean, acknowledged of his talent with the first single album [I’m Not Sorry], is to release an EP album [130 mood: TRBL]. Dean introduces his new album as “a collection of songs that follow a sequence under the united mood”.


With the theme of love, songs in [130 mood: TRBL] are connected to each other, narrating a love story as a whole. Starting with ’21,’ which narrates the story of falling in love at first sight, ‘I Love It,’ ‘D (Half Moon),’ What2Do,’ ‘Bonnie & Clyde,’ and ‘Pour Up,’ each narrates a phase of love to its end.

Title Track of this new album is ‘D (Half Moon).’ Gaeko of Dynamic Duo is featured on this track, presenting the close relationship of Rap and R&B.

Such musical collaborations with other musicians, including Lee Hi, Winner, Exo, VIXX, Dynamic Duo, Palo Alto, and Dok2, played an important role in Dean’s musical career. Through collaborations, Dean was acknowledged not only for his own musical talent, but also for his ability to maximize the strength of other musicians.

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“Her voice has her own distinctive color and so do mine,” said Dean regarding the collaboration with Lee Hi, “I was excited even before the recording.” He expressed his wish to produce songs through which highlight strength of each musicians and narrate stories in their voices. “When I listened to songs of Amy Winehouse, I could feel everything about her. I too want to produce and sing songs that enable people to know about me. I’m trying to make my songs feel as if I, or other artists, am talking to the audience”.

As Dean is rising as one of the hottest artist in Korean music scene, audiences are anticipating his EP album, [130 mood: TRBL].

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Translated by Heewon Kim