Cool Murals and Various Tea Drinks Make Fickle Tea Lounge the Best New Boba Stop

Interior of Fickle Tea House
Interior of Fickle Tea House

Opened couple weeks ago, Fickle Tea Lounge is ready to make it on Instagram users’ must-visit list in Los Angeles Koreatown.

As a tea shop located in the same plaza as Agassi Gopchang, Fickle offers perfect drinks to sip while waiting to eat Korean bbq, or after to properly end the feast.

First thing to notice about this new tea shop is the wavy artwork conquering both exterior and interior design. The graffiti-like exterior is dope enough to grab passersby’s attention while the interior is taken over by the same murals painted by Aaron Kai.

Green Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly and Mango Green Tea with Aloe

The 90s Korean Hip-hop playlist is an additional thing that adds vibes to the place.

During the soft opening, Fickle serves drinks only, yet still offering a great variety ranging from signature milk tea with boba to strawberry milk tea with pudding. They plan to add food items on the menu upon the grand opening, so don’t forget to pay a visit!

3726 W 6th St, Los Angeles


By Heewon Kim