Conan O’Brien Reunites with His Korean Soulmate Samuel  


On the August 31 episode of his talk show, Conan, Conan O’Brien had a special guest from Korea.

Earlier this year, Conan visited South Korea where he studied Korean language, made an appearance in a K-drama episode, learned Taekwondo, and visited Demilitarized zone between South Korea and North Korea. It was at a fish market in Seoul where he met his Korean soulmate, Samuel the Octopus.

PHOTO by Team Coco
PHOTO by Team Coco

Unfortunately, Conan could not bring his new pet with him, so he donated Samuel to a local aquarium. And after four months, Samuel was brought back to Conan, thanks to Korean Tourism Organization.

Upon her arrival to Los Angeles, Samuel had a tour around the city on a tour bus, visiting Universal Studio and Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Thanks to the Korean board of tourism and $266,675 the show is spending to support Samuel, she now can spend her remaining days in the studio beside Conan.

Watch Conan’s reunion with Samuel below!


By Heewon Kim