“Conan in Korea” Episode to Air April 9


Couple of months ago, Conan O’Brien has visited South Korea after receiving a letter and a box of Korean snacks from his fan in Korea. Conan and his team, Team Coco, shared a series of videos and photos on Instagram, which were found to be much popular among his fans both in Korea and the U.S..

Team Coco’s Instagram account followed things Conan experienced in Korea, including Korean foods, visit to DMZ, Taekwondo, and his unrealized love with Samuel. Followers found posts both hilarious and curious, and Likes reached 20k to 40k for each post.

Last night, Conan finally teased the episode that follows his trip to Korea. In the teaser, Conan learns Korean language, appears in Korean soap opera, visits PC Bang, stars in a music video with JY Park and Steven Yuen, and does even more things, which is impressive considering it was only a week-long visit.

TBS will broadcast this special extended episode, “Conan in Korea,” on Saturday, April 9 at 11 p.m.

By Heewon Kim

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